Kari Zobler



Refereed Journal Articles

2012 "The Bridge on the River Elbe: World Heritage in a Modern City." by Carla A. Santos and Kari A. Zobler, Annals of Tourism Research 39(1):484-486.

Book Chapters

2016 “A Tale of Two Cities: Continuity and Change following the Moche Collapse in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru” by Kari A. Zobler and Richard C. Sutter. In Beyond Collapse: Archaeological Perspectives on Resilience, Revitalization, and Transformation in Complex Societies, edited by R. Faulseit. Center for Archaeological Investigations, Occasional Paper No. 42, pp. 486-503. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University.

2011 “Syrian National Museums: Regional Politics and the Imagined Community.” In Contested Cultural Heritage: Religion, Nationalism, Erasure, and Exclusion in a Global World, edited by Helaine Silverman, pp. 171-192. New York: Springer.

Archaeological Reports

2013 “Proyecto de investigación arqueólogica con excavaciones en Talambo Oeste, Valle de Jequetepeque, Informe de Investigaciones, Temporada 2012-2013.” Co-authored with Peruvian colleague Luis Verastegui and submitted to the Ministerio de Cultura, Peru.

Encyclopedia Entries

2014 “‘Dead Cities’ & Living Communities: Syrian Archaeological Heritage Management.” Encyclopedia for Global Archaeology, edited by Claire Smith, pp. 7194-7199. New York: Springer.

Book Reviews

2007 Review of Searight, Sarah “Women Travellers in the Near East,” Religious Studies Review 33(2):138.

2007 Review of Bowersock, G.W. “Mosaics as History: The Near East from Late Antiquity to Islam,” Religious Studies Review 33(2):135.

2007 Review of Yon, Marguerite “The City of Ugarit at Tell Ras Shamra,” Religious Studies Review 33(2):135-136.

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